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22FUN Affiliate commission plan

As you have probably already realized, here at 22FUN Affiliate we are determined to provide our affiliates with the best program available. With our Affiliate Program our partners have a unique possibility to earn 40% commission per period.

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Revenue Share Commission Plan

Commission percentage Will consider the net loss of all players you recommend to 22FUN on a monthly basis and the number of active members within the specified period.
With a 40% commission rate that starts 40% of members with a net loss is your commission.
With a minimum of 5 active members (members must place bets at least once in a month), you will be eligible to start receiving commissions.
We will observe the effectiveness of our affiliates and may contact you directly to increase commission rates.
Negative revenue for any given month will be carried forward to the following month.
Bonus promotions - bonuses or rebates to members of partners.
Financial fees - expenses for depositing and withdrawing money of members.
Fees, expenses, company - operating expenses of the company, representing 5% of profit / loss.

Why join our affiliate program

We offer a wide range of betting innovative and opportunities in Sports betting, Live Dealers Casino, Slots and Card Games that are easy to bet and entertaining.
Great commission scheme, affiliates can earn up to 40% of company net winnings.
Take advantage of our comprehensive collection of high-quality marketing tools. You'll find our latest and hottest items right at your fingertips.
Our advertising is the best in the industry. Our ads speak for themselves.
Never Missed a Pay-out- Choose from a wide choice of payment methods you prefer.
Provide accurate online performance system, affiliates can get the newest performance information anytime and anywhere.
Our Team is ready and waiting to assist you in a number of languages and provide the most convenient consulting service channels (Skype, Yahoo, Phone call)

Commision Payment Method

All commission payments for referrals will be due and paid in the selected currency when setting up your first affiliate account.
The commission will be deposited into your bank account within 14 working days after the withdrawal request is submitted.
There will only be one pay-out per each calendar month. While we offer free pay-out transactions we will not be held responsible if the receiving financial institute impose a fee of any kind at their end.
Minimum amount THB 1,000 or equivalent currency for pay-out to take effect. Any amount below this threshold will be carried forward to the next month.
We retain the right to change the Referral Commission percentage and method of calculation of Referral Commission as we wish.
22FUN reserves the right to alter or amend and/or add any of the terms mentioned above as we deemed fit.
22FUN reserves the right to cancel the affiliate account at any point of time without prior notice in the event the affiliates performance does not meet our expected quotas at a given period of time.